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Our Lighting Team

Our Lighting Team

Core Values:

Nothing but the best, no matter what – We will always use the best possible materials, and provide the highest possible quality of work, no matter the cost. We will not compromise to save money or time, We will always put forth 100% effort and provide the absolute best product possible.

The Human Factor – We will always make decisions with the human factor. We will never become so corporatized to ignore the feelings and relationships of the people involved. We will only make and enforce rules and policies with consideration to the sensibility of that rule or policy, and the effect it may have on the people.

Honesty and Integrity – We will always do the right thing, we will always speak up, we will always be honest and trustworthy in everything we do and every single interaction. We will be accountable for our actions, and not pass the buck, or wait for someone else to solve the problem.

Growth and Innovation – We will always be looking for a better way to do things. We will always learn from our mistakes and never make the same ones twice. We will always be resourceful and think outside the box. We will never settle for the status quo, or the way everyone else is doing it. We will never stop improving.

Happiness and Delight – We will only do work that brings joy and happiness to our customers and us. If we dislike our jobs or our customers, we will be unable to provide a product without flaws. If we aren’t loving it, we aren’t doing it.

Our Lighting Team

Timmy B – Owner/General Manager

Our Lighting Team

A problem solving expert and veteran in electronics repair and who holds more than two decades of experience in the industry. As General Manager, Tim oversees the day-to-day operations at Mountain Top Lighting, including everything from marketing and administrative tasks, all the way up to the technical aspects of installation and customer relations.

Tim worked doing IT tech support for a major cable company for a few years and then moved on to become a technician for the same company for several more years. He moved on to become one of the founding members of our sister company Frankton Telecommunications where he gained expertise in project management after overseeing several large scale government and educational telecommunications construction projects. After realizing the potential in the lighting industry, Tim branched off to create Mountain Top Lighting, where he has genuinely enjoyed the fun and happiness aspects of the products we install.

Tim is forty-something years old and lives with his wife and 4 of their 6 children up in the hills of Dover, PA (The oldest 2 have grown up and moved out). Tim still enjoys tinkering with electronics and computers in his spare time. When he is not camping or traveling, he is usually watching Netflix or working on something. Tim always has time for a glass of top shelf whiskey and a fine cigar.

Melinda – Scheduling Coordinator/CSR

Our Lighting Team

Melinda is the Scheduling Coordinator for Mountain Top Lighting. She has been with the company from the start and is the main contact from initial inquiry to scheduling estimates and installations. She loves interacting with the customers and answering any questions they may have about the lights!

She is an awesome wife and mother of 6 crazy kids! She loves to travel with her favorite destination spots being Walt Disney World and Las Vegas. When she is not traveling or working she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys camping, nail art, fitness, food, swimming and reading books, her favorite authors being Dean Koontz and Stephen King. She loves working for Mountain Top and plans to continue to help the company grow until retiring to Florida hopefully by the age of 50.

Manny – Operations Manager-MD

Our Lighting Team

As the Operations Manager for the Maryland office and a proud US Navy veteran, Manny brings a deep commitment to service – both in the workplace and in the community. His time in the Navy taught him the value of dedication and teamwork, which he applies to his role every day. Manny isn’t just there to crunch numbers; he’s there to install fun! Whether it’s ensuring operational excellence or lighting up houses with Gemstone Lights, he rolls up his sleeves to make an impact, one installation at a time

Zack – Operations Manager-PA

Our Lighting Team

Zack is the Operations Manager for our Mountain Top PA Office. He has a degree in manufacturing engineering which gives him a broad range of knowledge in the aspects of planning and installing our lighting system. He loves working with the customers and helping them learn how to enjoy their awesome lights!

In his spare time he enjoys watching movies, making cigar accessories, hanging out with his cats, riding his motorcycle and relaxing with his new wife Cheyenne. He plans to continue with Mountain Top FOREVER!

Ashton – Lead Installer/Technician

Our Lighting Team

Ashton is the youngest member of the Mountain Top team. His interest in computers and technology as a hobby has given him the foundation to flourish in this type of industry.

In his spare time he loves playing video games, building intricate Lego sets, spending time with his family and eating lots of food. He plans to continue his career with Mountain Top and we’re pretty sure he is planning a hostile takeover.

Hayes – Consultant

Our Lighting Team

Hayes has been involved with Mountain Top Lighting since the very beginning. He frequently helps out around the shop, and his witty responses never fail to entertain. His expertise in “what looks cool” is second to none. If you have any type of question about a particular lighting pattern or effect, he is the one to talk to. Child labor laws prevent Hayes from doing as much as he would like at Mountain Top Lighting, but he will never pass up an opportunity to help.

In his free time (which is plentiful) Hayes enjoys video games, playing little league baseball, nerf blasters, and helping with projects around the house. He dreams of the day when he can join the Mountain Top team full-time.