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Maintenance-Free Holiday Lighting Solution

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Smart Outdoor LED Landscape Flood Lights to Fit Any Outdoor Space

Bring your yard to life with Gemstone Lights.

Amazing features for best results and optimum user experience

The right outdoor led landscape flood lights can completely transform your property! 

Warm White LED

Fully Customizable Colors

Dimmable Lights

Gemstone Lights Custom App

Complete 10-Year Warranty

Full RGBW Spectrum

Architectural Lighting

Sunset & Sunrise Automation

Multifaceted Lighting Timer


Individual Waterproof Connections

Rated for 50,000 Hours

Control your Lights with your Smartphone

Bring your home to life with any choice of color and change it all year round! With Gemstone Lights and the accompanying mobile app, changing your permanent holiday lights to fit the season or mood is easier than ever. After just one installation, you will have the ability to change the hue of the lights, the brightness, pattern, and animations all from your smartphone.

Floodlight FAQs

What is the Gemstone Lights® Flood Light?

It is a smart LED landscape light designed to be used in the Gemstone Lights ecosystem.

How Many Colors and Patterns are Possible with the Gemstone Lights® Flood Light?

It is capable of producing an astounding 16 million colors and countless patterns.

How Bright is the Gemstone Lights® Flood Light?

It is capable of producing up to 768 lumens, the perfect amount to accent the exterior features of your home.

What is the Life Expectancy of Gemstone Lights® Flood Light?

The Gemstone Lights® Landscape Flood Light uses the most cutting-edge LED technology available, allowing for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. With average usage being 6 hours a day, the system is rated to last around 23 years!

Can Gemstone Lights® Flood Light Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes. The Gemstone Lights® Flood Light was built with durability in mind. Being a Canadian owned company we understand harsh weather climates and as such, built our system to work in the extreme rain, snow, and sun.

Will the Wires be Buried for the Gemstone Lights® Flood Light?

Yes, during the process of installation the wires connecting the system will be buried so they can not be caught when maintaining the lawn or seen creating an unwanted look.

Reinventing your space with beautiful lighting options can be instantaneous and effortless!

Celebrate for every season and occasion.

Create the Ambiance You’ve Been Missing

From color to intensity, LED landscape flood lights allow you to craft the atmosphere you’ve been looking for.

Welcome Yourself Home

Come home to a warm space, each and every day with the landscape flood lighting design of your choice.

Celebrate Life’s Special Occasions

With Gemstone Lights, you can set the right tone for holidays and family milestones with exceptional style and ease.

Gemstone outdoor flood lights uplighting pine trees at dusk
Gemstone outdoor led flood light close up lighting shrub at night

Gemstone Lights® Landscape flood Lights are energy efficient and user friendly.

Change colors, set timers and much more using the Gemstone Lights HUB app. 

Highly Personalized

LED landscape flood lights offer countless uniquely attractive color, shape, pattern, and arrangement possibilities.

Incredibly Efficient

Cut energy, maintenance, and repair costs with LED landscape flood lights.

Easily Controllable

A convenient smart LED landscape lighting system is programmable for automation and controllable through your smartphone.

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