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Maintenance-Free Holiday Lighting Solution

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Why Choose Us?

Why You Should Choose Mountain Top Lighting:

1. Exceptional Customer Care: Just Good People

Our dedicated team of hand-picked, exuberant customer service representatives is here to make your experience extraordinary. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their commitment to serving you has earned us daily compliments that reinforce our dedication to your satisfaction.

2. Precision from the Start: On-Site Consultation and Measurement:

We believe in getting every detail right. Our experts provide on-site consultations and meticulous measurements to ensure a flawless installation. For your convenience, we also offer virtual consultations upon request, embracing technology to meet your needs.

3. Fine-Tuning Perfection: Follow-Up Visit:

After your approval, we don’t stop there. We conduct a follow-up visit to refine measurements and enhance communication. This extra step demonstrates our commitment to achieving perfection in every aspect of your holiday lighting.

4. Impeccable Color Harmony: Precision Color Matching with NIX Sensor Technology:

We recognize the significance of seamless integration with your existing aesthetics. That’s why we offer an unparalleled color matching experience using the cutting-edge NIX sensor technology. Regardless of shading variations or lighting differences, our color match is nothing short of perfection. With over 200 colors of track at your disposal, you can trust us to match your existing trim or soffit with absolute precision. The result? A harmonious blend of light and color that elevates the charm of your space.

5. Trusted Employee Installers: Expertise You Can Rely On:

Our installations are executed by our own certified employee installers, not outsourced subcontractors. These professionals are highly trained, fully insured, and dedicated solely to the art of holiday lighting installation. No landscapers, power washers, or HVAC techs here – only focused experts. Our employees enjoy a living wage, full benefits, a retirement plan, plenty of paid time off, and company vehicles.  All of which is quite expensive, but we expect the best, so we give the best.

6. Wire-Free Guarantee: Embracing Safety and Aesthetics:

Say goodbye to unsightly wires and tangled messes. Our installations come with a Wire-Free Guarantee, ensuring a clean, visually appealing display that prioritizes safety without compromising on aesthetics.

7. Empowering Mastery Through Training: Comprehensive Customer Training Program:

At the heart of our service is your empowerment. We believe in equipping you with the knowledge you need. As part of our commitment, we offer a comprehensive customer training program to ensure that you are well-versed in utilizing your lighting system to its fullest potential. Our goal is to enable you to orchestrate your holiday ambiance effortlessly.

8. Your Feedback Shapes Our Excellence: Post-Installation Surveys:

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We conduct post-installation surveys to listen to your insights, allowing us to continuously improve our services and tailor them to your evolving preferences.

9. Enduring Support: Return Visits to Perfect and Educate (Complimentary):

Our commitment doesn’t fade after installation. We offer free return visits to address any questions, provide retraining if needed, and ensure all loose ends are tied up. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

10. Beyond Technicalities: Complimentary Non-Technical Service Call:

Technical issues aren’t the only matters we care about. We provide a free service call to attend to any non-technical concerns, because your peace of mind matters as much as flawless functionality. Technical issues are covered under our 10 year warranty.

11. Unparalleled 10-Year Warranty: Covering Parts AND LABOR:

We stand by the durability and quality of our work. Our industry-exclusive 10-year warranty covers both parts and labor, offering you unmatched assurance and peace of mind. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR WARRANTY

12. Direct Line to Assistance: Complimentary Tech Help for Our Valued Clients:

For our valued clients, we provide a direct line to technical assistance. This service comes at no additional cost, showcasing our dedication to being there when you need us.

Why Gemstone Lights?

While on the hunt for the perfect lighting solution, we sifted through offerings from various suppliers. Many came close, but none truly captured the essence of quality and reliability we sought for our clientele. Then, Gemstone Lights entered the picture.

Gemstone Lights emerged as a beacon of excellence. Their products exude unmatched quality, giving us the confidence to extend an impressive 10-year parts AND LABOR guarantee. Crafted to withstand the unpredictable northeastern weather, these lights not only boast resilience but are also entirely waterproof. In fact, they continue to function flawlessly even when completely submerged in water.

A distinctive feature of Gemstone Lights is that each light functions as an individual pixel, rather than being part of a continuous string. This design ensures that if one light requires replacement, we can do so without the need to dismantle the entire system. A standout feature is their built-in redundancy; should a bulb falter, the rest shine on undeterred. And, in such rare instances, our team is on standby for a prompt resolution.

Furthermore, Gemstone Lights shine brighter than any other option on the market, illuminating your space with unparalleled brilliance. At their brightest setting, they will put out an alarming 98 lumens per meter!  This is the brightest smart outdoor lighting option available anywhere. For those who prefer a softer ambiance, in addition to an array of options, they are easily dimmable to suit the owner’s preference.

Unlike many competitors that use obtrusive light fixtures, and wide bulb spacing resulting in patchy illumination, Gemstone Lights offers a subtle, almost imperceptible setup, ensuring a continuous glow. When placed among homes with other lighting systems installed, a home lit by Gemstone lights is much brighter and more evenly lit, by a considerable margin.

A cherry on top? These exceptional lights are proudly produced in North America.