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Maintenance-Free Holiday Lighting Solution

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We will do our absolute best, and make every effort to hide all of the wiring

“Wire-Free Guarantee”: 

We guarantee to hide all visible wires associated with your adaptive exterior lighting system, ensuring a clean, polished look that sets us apart from other lighting installers.

Skilled technicians:

Our expert technicians are committed to using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art materials, such as aluminum track systems, plastic wire covers, conduit, and trim pieces, to meticulously hide all wires.

Creative solutions:

Our technicians are encouraged to get creative and try new methods and ideas to ensure that wiring is imperceptible or indistinguishable from its surroundings from a distance of 10ft.

Minimal visibility:

Even in exceptional circumstances where complete concealment of wiring may not be feasible, we employ the utmost care and creativity to artfully camouflage the wiring, ensuring minimal visibility.

Exterior conduit and wire covers:

We paint or color match exterior conduit and wire covers to the surrounding or background structure for a seamless look.

Color matching:

We use color swatches or a NIX color sensor to provide RGB color codes for a perfect match to the surrounding structure. We will keep any extra paint on hand in case any touch-ups are needed in the future

Easy access:

We ensure that the AC plug itself remains accessible and able to be unplugged by the end user.

Visually captivating:

We have an unwavering commitment to delivering a visually captivating and elegant holiday lighting experience.